Pokemon POP Series 5 Set List

Series POP
Release Date Mar 01, 2007
Number of Cards 17

The POP POP Series 5 set was released in Mar 2007 and contains 17 cards

Rare 4
Uncommon 5
Common 6
Rare Holo 2

Complete list of cards in the Pokemon POP POP Series 5 set

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Rarity Rarity Number


Rare Rare 1 View

Bill's Maintenance

Uncommon Uncommon 6 View

Rare Candy

Uncommon Uncommon 7 View

Boost Energy

Uncommon Uncommon 8 View

Charmander (Delta Species)

Common Common 10 View

Meowth (Delta Species)

Common Common 11 View


Common Common 12 View

Pikachu (Delta Species)

Common Common 13 View

Umbreon Star

Rare Holo Rare Holo 17 View


Rare Rare 2 View

Double Rainbow Energy

Rare Rare 4 View

Charmeleon (Delta Species)

Uncommon Uncommon 5 View

Pelipper (Delta Species)

Common Common 14 View

Zangoose (Delta Species)

Common Common 15 View

Espeon Star

Rare Holo Rare Holo 16 View

Delta Species Rainbow Energy

Uncommon Uncommon 9 View

Mew (Delta Species)

Rare Rare 3 View