Pokemon Neo Destiny Set List

Series Neo
Release Date Feb 28, 2002
Number of Cards 113

The Neo Neo Destiny set was released in Feb 2002 and contains 113 cards

Common 33
Uncommon 37
Rare 35
Rare Holo 8

Complete list of cards in the Pokemon Neo Neo Destiny set

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Rarity Rarity Number


Common Common 73 View

Light Dewgong

Uncommon Uncommon 45 View

Team Rocket's Evil Deeds

Uncommon Uncommon 103 View

Light Lanturn

Rare Rare 23 View

Unown [X]

Rare Rare 30 View

Dark Exeggutor

Uncommon Uncommon 33 View

Dark Omanyte

Uncommon Uncommon 37 View


Uncommon Uncommon 42 View

Light Slowbro

Uncommon Uncommon 51 View

Unown [P]

Uncommon Uncommon 58 View

Unown [Q]

Uncommon Uncommon 59 View

Unown [Z]

Uncommon Uncommon 60 View


Common Common 61 View


Common Common 65 View


Common Common 67 View


Common Common 70 View


Common Common 81 View


Common Common 84 View

Energy Amplifier

Uncommon Uncommon 98 View

Pokémon Personality Test

Uncommon Uncommon 102 View

Light Azumarill

Rare Rare 13 View


Common Common 63 View


Common Common 69 View

Unown [T]

Common Common 88 View


Common Common 90 View


Common Common 91 View

Counterattack Claws

Uncommon Uncommon 97 View


Common Common 80 View


Uncommon Uncommon 44 View

Lucky Stadium

Uncommon Uncommon 100 View

Dark Ampharos

Rare Rare 1 View

Dark Espeon

Rare Rare 4 View

Dark Crobat

Rare Rare 2 View

Dark Feraligatr

Rare Rare 5 View

Dark Houndoom

Rare Rare 7 View

Dark Porygon2

Rare Rare 8 View

Dark Tyranitar

Rare Rare 11 View

Light Arcanine

Rare Rare 12 View

Light Dragonite

Rare Rare 14 View

Light Togetic

Rare Rare 15 View

Miracle Energy

Rare Rare 16 View

Dark Ariados

Rare Rare 17 View

Dark Magcargo

Rare Rare 18 View

Dark Omastar

Rare Rare 19 View

Dark Slowking

Rare Rare 20 View

Dark Ursaring

Rare Rare 21 View

Light Dragonair

Rare Rare 22 View

Light Ledian

Rare Rare 24 View

Light Machamp

Rare Rare 25 View

Unown [H]

Rare Rare 28 View

Unown [W]

Rare Rare 29 View

Dark Flaaffy

Uncommon Uncommon 34 View

Dark Haunter

Uncommon Uncommon 36 View

Dark Pupitar

Uncommon Uncommon 38 View

Dark Quilava

Uncommon Uncommon 39 View

Dark Wigglytuff

Uncommon Uncommon 40 View


Uncommon Uncommon 43 View

Light Venomoth

Uncommon Uncommon 53 View

Light Wigglytuff

Uncommon Uncommon 54 View


Uncommon Uncommon 55 View


Uncommon Uncommon 56 View

Unown [C]

Uncommon Uncommon 57 View

Dark Octillery

Common Common 62 View


Common Common 64 View


Common Common 66 View

Light Sunflora

Common Common 72 View


Common Common 74 View


Common Common 77 View


Common Common 78 View


Common Common 79 View


Common Common 82 View


Common Common 85 View

Unown [S]

Common Common 87 View

Unown [V]

Common Common 89 View

Broken Ground Gym

Rare Rare 92 View

Energy Stadium

Uncommon Uncommon 99 View

Shining Celebi

Rare Holo Rare Holo 106 View

Shining Charizard

Rare Holo Rare Holo 107 View

Shining Kabutops

Rare Holo Rare Holo 108 View

Shining Mewtwo

Rare Holo Rare Holo 109 View

Shining Raichu

Rare Holo Rare Holo 111 View

Shining Steelix

Rare Holo Rare Holo 112 View

Shining Tyranitar

Rare Holo Rare Holo 113 View

Dark Donphan

Rare Rare 3 View

Dark Gengar

Rare Rare 6 View


Uncommon Uncommon 31 View


Uncommon Uncommon 41 View

Light Golduck

Uncommon Uncommon 47 View

Light Jolteon

Uncommon Uncommon 48 View

Light Ninetales

Uncommon Uncommon 50 View


Common Common 68 View


Common Common 71 View


Common Common 83 View


Common Common 76 View

Unown [L]

Common Common 86 View


Rare Rare 93 View

Shining Noctowl

Rare Holo Rare Holo 110 View

Impostor Professor Oak's Invention

Rare Rare 94 View

Dark Typhlosion

Rare Rare 10 View

Dark Scizor

Rare Rare 9 View

Unown [G]

Rare Rare 27 View

Dark Croconaw

Uncommon Uncommon 32 View

Dark Forretress

Uncommon Uncommon 35 View

Light Piloswine

Rare Rare 26 View

Light Flareon

Uncommon Uncommon 46 View

Light Machoke

Uncommon Uncommon 49 View

Radio Tower

Rare Rare 95 View

Thought Wave Machine (Rocket's Secret Machine)

Rare Rare 96 View

Heal Powder

Common Common 104 View

Light Vaporeon

Uncommon Uncommon 52 View


Common Common 75 View


Uncommon Uncommon 101 View

Mail from Bill

Common Common 105 View