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Kalos Starter Set  / #19 /

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Card Information

Card Number 19/39
HP 60
Series / Set / Stage XY / Kalos Starter Set / Basic
Card Type Metal
Attack 1

[1] Pierce (10)

Attack 2

[1] Cut (20)

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Fire ×2 / Psychic -20 / 1
Artist Kouki Saitou
Pokedex Number #624

Pawniard 19/39 2013 For Sale

19/39 | Pawniard | Kalos Starter Set | Pokemon Card | Played
  • Light Played - Noticeable imperfections, rough edges, creases and clearly played. Card is in played condition. Played - Heavy scratches, creases, peeling. A trusted independent website, and a presence at Comic Cons and gaming markets around the UK since 2015.
  • Item location: SHEFFIELD, GB
Pokemon Kalos Starter Set Pawniard Single Card
  • Ships in plain white envelope in team bag unless requested prior to payment. Combined shipping available on multiple orders. Condition varies. Check out my other listings as well!
  • Item location: Bloomfield, US
075PK19 - Pawniard - 19/39 - Kalos Starter Set - NM
  • Make sure you get the ones you want. I am also willing to work with you in multi cards buying.
  • Item location: West Covina, US
Pokemon TCG Card 2013 XY Kalos Starter Set Pawniard 19/39
  • (6) missing accent mark on Pokemon. 9) color to the top right of the ball is a solid shade of blue, it should be multiple shades. 1) fake cards are often cut from cardboard and will have a visible rough edge similar to a coupon.
  • Item location: Bolton, US
Pokémon TCG Card XY Kalos Starter Set Pawniard 19/39 Pokemon
  • Pokémon TCG Card XY Kalos Starter Set Pawniard 19/39 Pokemon.
  • Item location: Wolcott, US
2013 Pokémon XY Kalos Starter Set Pawniard #19 8i5
  • #19 Pawniard. 2013 Pokémon - XY Kalos Starter Set. Search for more:2013 Pokémon - XY Kalos Starter Set. We currently house 20 million cards, each listed for sale with front and back images of the actual card.
  • Item location: Auburn, US