Pokemon Double Crisis Set List

Series XY
Release Date Mar 25, 2015
Number of Cards 34

The XY Double Crisis set was released in Mar 2015 and contains 34 cards

Rare Holo 6
Common 14
Rare Holo EX 2
Uncommon 12

Complete list of cards in the Pokemon XY Double Crisis set

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Rarity Rarity Number

Team Magma's Camerupt

Rare Holo Rare Holo 2 View

Team Aqua's Sealeo

Common Common 4 View

Team Aqua's Kyogre-ex

Rare Holo EX Rare Holo EX 6 View

Team Aqua's Muk

Rare Holo Rare Holo 8 View

Team Magma's Aron

Common Common 12 View

Team Aqua's Poochyena

Common Common 16 View

Team Magma's Poochyena

Common Common 17 View

Team Aqua's Mightyena

Common Common 18 View

Team Magma's Mightyena

Common Common 19 View

Team Aqua's Walrein

Rare Holo Rare Holo 5 View

Team Aqua's Carvanha

Common Common 20 View

Team Magma's Secret Base

Uncommon Uncommon 32 View

Team Magma's Great Ball

Uncommon Uncommon 31 View

Team Magma Admin

Uncommon Uncommon 29 View

Team Magma Grunt

Uncommon Uncommon 30 View

Double Aqua Energy

Uncommon Uncommon 33 View

Team Aqua's Seviper

Common Common 9 View

Team Magma's Zangoose

Common Common 22 View

Double Magma Energy

Uncommon Uncommon 34 View

Aqua Diffuser

Uncommon Uncommon 23 View

Magma Pointer

Uncommon Uncommon 24 View

Team Aqua Admin

Uncommon Uncommon 25 View

Team Aqua Grunt

Uncommon Uncommon 26 View

Team Aqua's Great Ball

Uncommon Uncommon 27 View

Team Aqua's Secret Base

Uncommon Uncommon 28 View

Team Magma's Aggron

Rare Holo Rare Holo 14 View

Team Aqua's Spheal

Common Common 3 View

Team Aqua's Grimer

Common Common 7 View

Team Magma's Groudon-ex

Rare Holo EX Rare Holo EX 15 View

Team Aqua's Sharpedo

Rare Holo Rare Holo 21 View

Team Magma's Numel

Common Common 1 View

Team Magma's Baltoy

Common Common 10 View

Team Magma's Claydol

Rare Holo Rare Holo 11 View

Team Magma's Lairon

Common Common 13 View