Morelull 3/18 2019 Card: Worth, Value & price

Morelull 3/18 2019 Card

Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu Set Symbol / #3 / Common

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Card Information

Card Number 3/18
Rarity Common
HP 50
Series / Set / Stage Sun & Moon / Detective Pikachu / Basic
Card Type Grass
Attack 1

[1] Sleep Spore (10)

Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Asleep.

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Fire ×2 / None / 1
Pokedex Number #755

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Morelull 3/18 2019 For Sale

Pokemon Morelull - 3/18 - Common NM-Mint Detective Pikachu
  • Near Mint (NM) - Cards with this grade will show minimal to no wear from shuffling, play or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners and unblemished edges outside of a few minimal flaws.
  • Item location: Mesa, US
Pokemon Detective Pikachu HoloFoil Card - You Pick ($2 Minimum Order Required)
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  • Item location: Torrance, US
Pokemon Detective Pikachu Set HOLOGRAPHIC Morelull 3/18 - Near Mint (NM)
  • Pokemon Set: Detective Pikachu Set. Condition: Near Mint Condition. Mint Condition: Nearly Flawless - Very Slight (If Any) Imperfections. Grading Scale.
  • Item location: Milford, US
POKEMON Morelull 3/18 SM Detective Pikachu HOLO Pokemon Card MINT - READY SHIP
  • You will receive the card as advertised in the photo + Protective Card Sleeve + Protective Top Loader Case.
  • Item location: Sacramento, US
Morelull - 3/18 Detective Pikachu Holo Rare Pokemon - NM/MINT
  • Morelull - 3/18 Detective Pikachu Holo Rare Pokemon - NM/MINT This card condition is listed as Near Mint/Mint. Don't hesitate to reach out. Sandaconda - 109/202 Sword & Shield Reverse Holo Rare Pokemon - NM/MINT.
  • Item location: Paradise, US
Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pick Your Cards Pack Fresh Ships Fast!!!
  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Set -Detective Pikachu. Your source of Pokemon TCG Cards, TCG Related Products, Accessories, Custom Artwork & much more! Pick Your Cards.
  • Item location: Las Vegas, US
MORELULL 3/18 Detective Pikachu Holo Rare Pokemon Card Near Mint
  • Near Mint: May have a small amount of whitening, a few surface scratches. May look mint at first glance. Only blemishes are from the factory. The following are guidelines I use to classify my cards.
  • Item location: Alexandria, US
**Choose Your Card** - Detective Pikachu - Pokemon TCG
  • It was released in anticipation of the live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu. Choose Your Card - Pokemon Detective Pikachu Edition.
  • Item location: Aurora, US
Pokemon Card Japanese - Morelull 004/024 SMP2 Detective Pikachu - NM
  • Pokemon Card Japanese - Morelull 004/024 SMP2 Detective Pikachu - NM.
  • Item location: Waukesha, US
Pokemon Morelull 3/18 Holo Common Detective Pikachu Near Mint
  • Morelull from Detective Pikachu. Near Mint (NM) = A Near Mint card is a card that may have a few minor imperfections such as nicks on edges or light scratches.
  • Item location: Pacifica, US
Pokemon Morelull Holo 2019 CGC 8.5 NM/Mint+ Detective Pikachu 3/18 Graded Card
  • Pokemon Morelull Holo 2019 CGC 8.5 NM/Mint+ Detective Pikachu 3/18 Graded Card. See photos for exact condition.
  • Item location: Kansas City, US
Pokemon Card Japanese Detective Pikachu smP2 Morelull 004/024 C Reverse Holo NM
  • POKEMON CARDS: This is our condition scale for Pokemon Cards. These are the best estimates we can provide. The item pictured is the exact item you will receive. For cards in between these conditions they'll be listed with a slash (ex. ).
  • Item location: New York, US